Questions and Answers

How We Work, and Generally What's the Deal

Here are some answers to basic questions that come up all the time. This page is a work in progress.  What questions do you have? Let us know and tell us about your needs here, or just send an email to [email protected].

How Does the Process of Building a Website Work?

It will vary from developer to developer. We prefer a highly collaborative and often trial-and-error process, as for some clients part of our job is to help figure out what the goals and requirements are. You can see progress in real time, on a real working development version of your site, and then see quick changes based on your feedback.  The days of static mockups are over!

How Does Pricing Work?

For most website development* projects and maintenance, pricing is based on a pre-pay “pay as you go” model.  Hours are paid for up front, and depending on the size of the project, the hourly rate decreases based on the number of hours purchased at a time.

So, for larger projects, the bottom line benefits from larger payments. For smaller projects, or for situations where cash flow is tight, there is the flexibility of smaller payments.

The hourly rates as of February, 2018 range from $81 – $99. For new sites or site redesign projects, there is a 10-hour minimum down payment.

As we get to know the requirements of your project, we’ll be able to provide an estimate of how many hours it is likely to take. Hours do not expire and can be applied to future work such as maintenance and new features or content for your site.

* – Mobile/tablet development projects and some web projects fall outside of this pricing model.  In these cases a full estimate will be provided.

How Do Meetings Work?

Although we love working with local clients, we serve clients all over the place. In-person meetings are somewhat rare, but certainly possible in cases where they seem necessary and when they can take place at a location in Oakland. For larger projects, at least one in-person kick-off meeting is a great idea if possible.

Most interaction is done by email, with phone conversations taking place as frequently as needed.

Where is Your Office Located?

Cantus Firmus is run from a home office in Oakland’s leafy Glenview neighborhood.

Why Isn’t Your Phone Number Here Somewhere?

We would love to discuss your project by phone! For efficiency’s sake, though, let’s set up a time. Please contact us by email first. [email protected]