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WordPress Solutions in Oakland, California

We are an Oakland-based web design and solutions shop specializing in WordPress and serving the web presence needs of non-profits and businesses of all sizes.


Building New WordPress Sites

Did you think WordPress was only for blogging? In fact, it is the most powerful and flexible tool for building sites like this one.

Rethinking Old Sites

WordPress or not, web sites should be revamped every two years or so to keep up with the day's norms and your own business goals.

Post-Launch Support

WordPress is famous for making it easy to manage your own content. But you're busy! Check out our user-friendly support and maintenance plans.

WordPress Wrangling

There's very little that WordPress can't do! Do you have special requirements you've been told WordPress can't handle? Run it by us. We love proving folks wrong about this.

…the best business decision I’ve made in decades.Steve Swan, Steve Swan Guitars

Cantus What?

Whether you need a full-scale ecommerce solution, a redesign of your 5-year-old site to make it more mobile friendly, or you just need a few fixes, you can expect a friendly, creative and practical approach to your problems. As of 2015 we are now also adding mobile app development to our service offerings.

Run by a 18-year+ veteran web developer with experience as an in-house problem solver, a team member at a Top-10 Silicon Valley web/marketing agency and as an independent contractor, Cantus Firmus takes pride in the ability to offer a polished and effective solution for just about any kind of web site problem. We enjoy the process of breaking things down to manageable tasks and helping clients figure out what they need, and we love opportunities to steer folks away from unnecessarily complicated or expensive solutions.

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I  highly recommend Cantus Firmus for any nonprofit that is looking to make a website that truly represents their brand and highlights their mission.Alan Lessik, Executive Director, Civicorps

Pricing Options

Depending on the nature of your project and the scope of your requirements, we’ll help figure out the best pricing option for you.

Package Pricing

For sites with typical basic requirements, Cantus Firmus offers a complete solution for a standard flat fee.

Our Package Price

Most projects qualify for the simple flat fee of $1980 covering all of your needs for a typical corporate site.

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Custom Pricing

Some projects just aren't that straightforward. Maybe the package price is overkill for your needs, or you have special requirements.

Custom Pricing

Tell us about your needs, and we'll come up with pricing that suits you.

How Can We Help?


For ongoing maintenance, support or consulting for special WordPress projects, we have a unique, competitive pricing model.


Find out more about how how our tiered hourly rates work.

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